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A virtual product found on Neopets.com. Once fed to your pet, a morphing potion will change them into the potion's desciption. For example, a Green Uni Morphing Potion will turn your pet into a Green Uni
I had a morphing potion once, but I sold it for a tidy sum.
by Tempestua March 30, 2005
Like the word lollerskates, but using w00t instead of lol.
I just made it up. Yay for me!
by Tempestua December 05, 2004
A shortening used on Neopets when referring to paintbrushes.
How much will you give me for this Baby PB?
by Tempestua November 05, 2004
1. An insult used by Eric Morcambe to Ernie Wise on the Morcambe and Wise show.

2.A nickname given to a certain Martin H. That means absolutely nothing to anyone other than him.
Martin has short fat hairy legs. So does Eric
by Tempestua December 04, 2004
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