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A political policy of financially fist-raping anyone with a work ethic in order to fund the reproduction and welfare checks of the "white trash" and " lazy nigga" subset of the US population.

The basic premises are these:

1) The harder you work, the harder you will be taxed.

2) The lazier you are, the more you will be rewarded.

3) The lower the potential gain, the greater the amount of tax dollars should be spent on it.

4) Strip every entrepreneur of every dollar of capital he has spent his life's work earning in order to fund every welfare "momma" getting a Cadillac Escalade paid for with tax dollars.

5) Have absolutely no accountability for those claiming disability, welfare, unemployment, under-age social security, etc.
Want ads... bullshit, why would I get my ass up and look for a job when I can make more money sittin here watching Springer. Hell, if I need more money, I'll just get pregnant again. Obamanomics is gettin my ass paid!!!
by Tell It True May 03, 2010

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