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Any made-up illness used to get sick days around the holiday season.
Elf 1: Man, it sucks that Christmas is in the middle of the week this year. I don't want to have to take vacation days just to travel.
Elf 2: Just call in with a case of the jingle shingles.
Elf 1: Nah man, you need a doctor's note. I'll have a better chance using holly jolly herpes.
by teknik December 21, 2013
This is a word used by certain retarted fps players who think they are god of the universe. It is derived from the book of job the creature Leviathan specifically. This creature was all powerful and power over the nations. He was of course defeated by god as is leviant. Who is but a small portion of what leviant ever was. Leviant was and forever will be classified as n00b.
Today i was playing with leviant and owned him hardcore.
by Teknik June 20, 2004
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