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A series of games made by CAPCOM that is now at its third installment.
The game follows the story of a half human/half demon named Dante (who is more known by his charming yet arrogant personality) following his brother vergil.

The Second game had less focus as it had no story or plot to it. It is more known for graphics and gameplay additions which supposedly "Killed the series". Also the personality of dante as been changed to a less quirky arrogant person.

DMC3 was the prequel to the first game. may people lost hope for this game because of DMC2 but tons of fans were brought in by what can be called one of the harder games in CAPCOM and even video game history. This game now follows the story of how dante discovered his demon powers, how Vergil became Angelo, and many other parts in the first story left unexplained. Dante regains his attitude from the first game

DMC4 is in speculation as many people wonder if CAPCOM will keep their franchise focused on this and their MM games.
Oh come on do you really need an example??
by TekWolf March 22, 2005

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