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A beer that tastes bad so the first two cans are a labor of love. After that it goes down smooth, you keep pounding it until you pass out. This is usually achieved before beer #12 because Natty Ice is 5.9% ABV.

A cheap Ice brewed beer made by Anheuser Busch and is said to be a collection of leftover crap. This is possibly true because some cans are creamy and some are bitter.
College student 1: We have $12 lets split a dirty 30.
College student 2: So you want to get Busch?
College student 1: Yo dumbshit you know Busch is $14 we need Natty.
College student 2: You're right Natural Ice is cheaper and more alcoholic so we'll be fuckin fat bitches in no time!
by Tek Nine January 16, 2007
In Chicago the "shine line" is what the CTA calls the Red Line. It is called this because mostly black people ride it. It runs from Howard to 95th street on the far south side.
Shit bro I'm at 95th and need to get to Fulerton quick to sell some weed.

Damn son day one shit, why dont you just take the shine line?
by Tek Nine December 19, 2006
One of the illest Cadillacs ever made, primarily used for dealing drugs in. Some of the best known brohams were produced in the 1980s. However in the 1990s the Chevrolet Caprice/Impala SS stole some of the Caddy's thunder as a drug dealer mobile. Broham is pronounced "broam".
Shit dat boy got dem 22's on his Fleetwood Broham from da cannibis he be dealin.
by Tek Nine October 10, 2006
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