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4 definitions by TehPurpleIce

Someone who will never quit trying. They won't give up. Much like the Energizer Battery's Mascot, they just keep going and going and going and going....
She tries again, beacause Emily is like that, an Energizer Bunny-type friend, but instead of keep going and going, she keeps trying and trying.
by TehPurpleIce May 04, 2011
A word which means the oppisite of perfect.
When you f*ck up on something you've been working really hard on.
I've been working really hard on this song on the piano, and I did AMAZING alone. But once I got on stage, I perfucked the dumbass song.
by TehPurpleIce March 24, 2011
When on the rode, and the lights keep turning red, then green again. You often catch every red light, leaving you waiting. This traffic usually always has at least 1 accident.
Boss(On phone with employee): Why are you so late for work?

Employee(On phone with Boss): Sorry, Sir, I ran into some Stop & Go Traffic!!!
by TehPurpleIce March 25, 2011
When you subscribe to someone on YouTube, hoping for "Sub for Sub," but they don't subscribe back.
Tr0llinN0NST0P was hoping to get a "Sub 4 Sub," and subscribed to NYANRainbowz. He checked his channel later, realizing he had experienced an unrequited sub.
by TehPurpleIce August 15, 2011