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1) The city from which all of homosexuality originates.

2) The capital of Phaghzakstan, the country from which all of homosexuality originates.
Craig: "Yo, Ima send that homo all the way back to Phaghdad."
Jerry: "Nice. How's the fagbaby?"
Craig: "He's actually doing pretty good."
Jerry: "Oh, fantastic."
Craig: "Yeah."
by TehMonny April 09, 2007
A heavily stylized form of English in which one implements that of Olde English, very elaborate metaphors and sometimes blank verse.
All Shakespearean works use Shakespeak
by TehMonny September 02, 2007
The result of gay sex.
Craig: "Dude, the condom broke when you were jamming me in my ass. I'm pregnant."
James: "Aww, foreals? We're having a fagbaby?"
Craig: "I guess so, unless I get an abortion or shit it out."
James: "Let's name him Garbagecan."
by TehMonny March 22, 2007
1) A man's personal supply of pleasure-inducing sandwich topping

2) A not-so-very-subtle euphemism for cum.
Craig: "So Bill, what's a big giant fag like you like to have for lunch?"
Bill: "Well, I usually have a big dick sandwich dripping with man mayonnaise."
by TehMonny April 09, 2007
When a same-sex couple (contextually male) adopts a child to symbolize their love. Similar to, but different from, a fagbaby.
Jerry: "Craig! I've got fantastic news!"
Craig: "What's that?"
Jerry: "Tom and I are fagdopting! It's the first fagdoption in our state!"
Craig: "Oh, fun. Want to have gay sex?"
by TehMonny April 09, 2007
1) One of the shittiest and over-hyped guitar companies in the world.

2) In addition to #1, they suck.
Jerry: "Craig, I just bought my fagbaby a Fender!"
Craig: "Nice job, dickwad, now he's going to be just as gay as you."
Jerry: "WHAT?! What do you think I should have bought for him?"
Craig: "A Rickenbacker."
by TehMonny May 14, 2007

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