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The best part of the U.S. Innovators in music (jazz, punk, hip-hop), architecture (see New York and Chicago for more info), culture (Metropolitan Opera, Boston Symphony Orchestra, CBGB) and more). Birthplace of the American movie industry (headquartered in New York and Chicago before it decamped for LA). Hated and envied by the inferior West Coast, which doesn't have an original idea to its fake-tanned anorexic bitch-ass du-ragged empty head.
What the East Coasts creates, the West Coast steals. Don't forget your roots.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 October 04, 2005
Land of compact, cultured urban centers like New York and Boston that make the most use of land and sprawl the least; seasons; a region with the lowest crime rate in the country (Northeast) and a region with the highest rate (Southeast); and many areas of enduring scenic splendor. The West Coast is nice, but can't compare.
The East Coast, though slow growing, still attracts international immigrants and people from other states in droves.

On the West Coast, immigration is the only reason that California's population increases; while Californians leaving California are the only reason that Oregon and Washington's populations increase.

The Elf doesn't know what he's talking about.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 January 08, 2006
Region with lower test scores, higher crime rates, and higher obesity rates than the East Coast. Where people spend millions to build homes precariously perched on hillsides, only to have them swept away in a mudslide or burned down in a forest fire a few years later and then rebuilt. Worst urban sprawl in the world, contributing to unprecedented environmental destruction and attributed in part to a car culture that keeps the U.S. in OPEC's pocket. Go to British Columbia and everything is instantly nicer.
New York alone is more energy-efficient than Seattle or Portland, and has lower crime and obesity rates than any major city on the West Coast.

The Elf doesn't know what he's talking about.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 January 08, 2006
That which wouldn't be what it is now were it not for the fact that it stole — errr, copied — and commercialized — err, made profitable — everything about its superior counterpart 3,000 miles over to the right.

The East Coast has better architecture, better culture, better food...the West Coast has better weather. End of story.
"Hip-hop started out in the heart/Now everybody tryin' to chart." ~ Lauryn Hill

West Coast, don't hate because hip-hop started on the East Coast. We did it first and did it best.

Tupac: once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 October 04, 2005

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