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The feeling, when walking through a part of town, that this neighborhood has seen better days. The decline of a part of the city from thriving neighborhood to encroaching ghettodom. Usually, blight begins with the construction of a mall/huge shopping complex, which drains local businesses of needed revenue, causing them to fail, leading eventually to joblessness and poverty. The first signs of blight are poorly kept properties, damaged building facades and an increasing number of "for sale" signs.

Blight can worsten or recover, but if aided by a poor economy, it can be the precursor to the descent of the neighborhood into ghetto status. Jobs stay scarce, get scarcer, the upper middle classes leave because the area is no longer "desirable," the lower middle classes leave to find jobs in other towns. As property values plunge, the neighborhood becomes populated by the very poor, who can't afford to live any where else. Since ethnic and class lines, just as concrete as one another, often run paralell, the neigborhood often changes color. As buildings fall into disrepair, sale signs give way to boarded up windows. In it's final state, the neighborhood is a slum, a ghetto, plagued with crime, disease and, above all, crushing, inescapeable poverty.

This of course is just the worst case scenario.
That building has changed hands three times in the course of three years, now it's just sitting there, with the for sale sign, faded pale blue by the sun. I smell blight.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005
Gramatically correct English. Plain, to the point, free of euphamisms, jargon, slang, inuendo, etc.

There are some who deride the Queen's English as too exacting, too demanding, and accuse it of being a tool to discredit those who may have a valid point, but lack formal education, and are inarticulate, and use slang and incorrect grammar. The answer, of course, would be to give everyone a formal education, not to reject the proper pronounciation of words.
I say "ignant," not "ignorant." "Ignorant" is in the Queen's Englisn, and the Queen's English is a tool of the Man to keep us down!

Dude, you have an ivy league education, you can pronounce "ignorant" correctly, so do it. It's downright insulting for a middle-class intellectual like yourself to go around mimicking the voice patterns of urban blacks on principle. It doesn't matter what color you or they are, it matters that you're the one with the college education and they're the ones who can hardly put food on their tables.
by Teh ded Pope April 09, 2005
A spliff loaded with a combination of tobacco and marijuana. Significantly wider around than a normal joint, the English-style spliff is tapered, and the bigger end is lit while smoking. The addition of plain tobacco to the weed makes for a smoother, more pleasant smoke, and extends the burning time.
Mikey and Dan went to the basement to smoke an English-style joint.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005
Obtuse Conservative reactionaries.
The Rabid Right is at it again. This time they're trying to ban gay marriage nation wide.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005
A color changing glass bowl with a large reservoir and a shape that makes all the resin drip back into the fire, so that every last bit goes to a good home. Waste not, want not.
This bowl took a long time to get kicked, it's the Ever Lasting Gob Stopper.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005
The most prevalent eating establishment in Western Mass. Homogenising our culture so that people who fear new things can drink their extra large coffees in peace, before throwing the empties on MY LAWN!!!
I live within walking distance of three Dunkin Donuts, and accross the street from a McDonalds. Theese idiots come cruising through in their SUV's, throwing burger wrappers and Dunkaccino cups all over my property. I hope all some cop sees the powdered donut dust all over their shirt, notices their speeding vehichle, thinks "coke." and gives them the full routine, body cavity search, make their day hell for once. Rich fucks.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005

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