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referencing the popular but extremely hard song "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce. Mainly associated with Guitar Hero.
You can tell all about a person just by seeing how well they are at TTFAF.
Easy (Failed it)-- Wow, this is easy. You shouldn't really be failing anything yet.
Easy (aced it)--woohoo, they're normal.
Medium-- Ok, so they have some Guitar Hero skill.
Hard-- They have a lot of the fake guitar mojo, maybe they should actually try getting some real guitar mojo.
Expert (Ages 10 and above)-- GET A LIFE YOU FREAK!!!
Expert (Ages 7 to 10)-- Y'know, people all think you are crazy good, but you're not impressing your friends because surprise! you don't have any.
Expert (Ages 0-7)-- Everyone knows you are faking it.
...You are faking it, right?
Real Life-- Your name probably is Herman Li.
by Teh Notsopwnererer January 26, 2008

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