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2 definitions by Teh Mewsich

Mewsich is a mystical dance energy that emits from the combination of good music, and good dance moves; can also be used as a substitute of music by cool and stylistic people.It was discovered on August 6th, 2003, by a Bryan Mercado who had named it apropiately.
I can feel the mewsich in my veins!!!

Hip-hop nor reggeaton contain mewsich.
by Teh Mewsich April 19, 2005
A horrendous sound that has plague Puerto Rico for years and now is spreading through the world like the plague, except that plagues have the descency of killing you.
Reggeaton sucks major portions of ass.

Mumphing is more fun than listening to reggeaton
by Teh Mewsich April 19, 2005