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One who is so lame that the only hole they'll ever get is the one in the center of their morning bagel. They usually eat it afterwards, with butter and a different, homemade cream cheese.
Peter: Quagmire watch the numbers would you? I'm going to heat up a bagel and have sex with it.
Quagmire: The butter's in the fridge, you dirty bagel-hole-screwer!
by Teh Judas November 04, 2009
A bandless noobcracker is a person of great musical talent, usually of the rock variety (e.g. screaming, lead guitar, drums), that cannot find a band because the three whole bands in the small town they live in already have full members. Usually occurs in the south, namely Louisiana, due to the fact that most of those bands play country music.
Caleb: Hey you're in that band with the afro guy he's gay.
Dillon: Oh yeah well you're a bandless noobcracker.
by Teh Judas November 04, 2009
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