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A statement used to present that one is feeling baffled, disarranged, confused, or discombobulated about what is going on around them.
"Ay man, where'd Jonny get them kicks yadidamean?"
"Jonny's kicks? Shaboobalaboopy man, dems is clean doe. I'd rock em two times."
#i don't really know #to not know #feeling dazed #mistah fab 101 #shaboobalaboopalaboo
by Teh Geese April 14, 2006
Goin stupid, dumb, retarded, rocking the yellow bus, gettin hyphy 101 ghostriding the whip while ya dancing on the hood witta thizz face and stunna shades wit no lenses.
"Oooo daaaamn he goin yellow bus doin hella much!"
"Daaamn he gotz stunna shades wit no lenses too! Ooh, is dems vans doe? Ughhh dems is doin hella much"
#yellow bus #goin dumb #goin stupid dumb retarded #dumbie retarded #thizzle
by Teh Geese April 14, 2006
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