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Extreme aggression, rowdiness. A highly irritable manner. A high temper. Behavior in keeping with that of a hessian.
Did you hear about Jimmy? He got into an argument with Paul, and smacked him accross the face with a chair. Talk about hessian aggression!
by teh pope July 27, 2004
The town of Chicopee Mass.
We went to Chicopee. All my friends call it
Chicken Pee.
by Teh Pope February 27, 2005
A nickname for George W. Bush. The title is derived from Bush's boyish or naive manner, as well as his irresponsibility with great power.
Is the boy king going to clean up his toys or just start another war? Looks like he's due for a spanking.
by Teh Pope February 27, 2005
Pokemon. A popular Japanese trading card game and animatedseries.
I sold all my poké-con cards to the most clueless kid on the block.
by teh pope July 27, 2004
Alternate pronounciation of fo shizzle. "For sure."
That shit's off tha heezy fo sheezy
by teh pope August 10, 2004
Extremely low quality marijuana. Known to cause an intense burning in the throat and lungs with a relatively weak psychoactive effect.

The opposite of dank.

See also bammer.
Bill, Claire and that guy that everyone calls The Eagle were smoking up with that stuff that Hesher Roy sold them. Shit was hella shank.
by Teh Pope March 07, 2005
A glass water pipe, resembling a hookhah or nargile, used for smloking canabis. Often has a detatchable top which can be raised while inhaling, triggering a rapid intake of cool, dense smoke.

Different from a regular bong, as it often contains tubes, and draws the smoke through a chamber of chilled water, cooling and intensifying it, for a more pleasant smoking experience.
The bing is better if you use ice water. Damn, a couple of hits off of that thing had pretty much everyone in the room floating around in the stars.
by Teh Pope March 07, 2005
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