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A word that means gnar and sick at the same time. It's often used in the skateboarding or snowboarding scene when someone lands a clean ass trick.
Steve: You see that tre bomb Bob dropped?!

Omar: Yee dawg. It was madd skunn!!!
by Teetburger October 05, 2010
When you're having a conversation with someone online and it starts to get boring so it slowly drifts into replies of emoticons until neither party replies.
Omar: Steve help! My convo with Sarah is drifting into an emoticon denouement.

Steve: Who the hell are you and why are you using my computer?
by Teetburger August 15, 2010
Replacement for the word "true" with some sickkunt style. TT original.
Steve: I just found tree fiddy dollar bills.

Omar: Aha fair bro!
by Teetburger November 29, 2011

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