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A couple from the hit T.V. show "Teen Titans" and the comic book series. The Teen Titans consist of 5 main heroes that fight as a team against evil.

Starfire is a Tameranian, and is the alien of the team. Her real name is Koriand'r. She is the princess of her home planet, Tameran, Starfire has vivid auburn hair and very tan skin. Her eyes are green, and in the comic series, pupiless. Her optimistic and bubbly personality is sometimes contagious, and since she is an alien, is often confused by "earthly ways." Her powers consist of the ability to fly and shoot green

starbolts from her hands and eyes. She is also much, much stronger than she looks.

Robin was once Batman's sidekick. His real name is Richard Grayson. He is the leader of the Teen Titans, and always tries to do what is right and put his friends' needs in front of his own. He has spiky jet black hair, is super fit, and knows karate. He is borderline obsessive when it comes to tracking down his arch enemy, Slade, which gives him an air of over seriousness. However, Robin has enough hope for everyone, often trying to find a solution of an impossible problem.
Starfire and Robin have a really great chemistry, but Robin's obsession with Slade or stopping evil and protecting their city gets in the way of their relationship. His shyness and inability to admit his feelings can really annoy Starifre.
Major R/S episodes include: Sisters, How Long is Forever, Date With Destiny, Transformation, Go!, Betrothed, and Stranded.

The Teen Titans Movie: Trouble in Tokyo, also features Starfire and Robin's relationship developing, eventually kissing for REAL and getting together.

Examples of their relationship

In "Betrothed" Starfire is getting an arranged married in order to save her planet, and Robin is extremely jealous, doing everything he can to save her from her husband, an ugly green glob.

In "Date With Destiny" Robin is forced to take a bratty girl to a prom, and Starfire is extremely jealous. (But at the end, they end up dancing together)

In "Stranded" Robin gets petrified as Cyborg (fellow teen titan) tells him jokingly to stop goofing around with his girlfriend Starfire, which sparks confustion and misunderstandings between Starfire and Robin's relationship.
by Teen Titans Fan May 04, 2009

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