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A modern day Harry J. Anslinger type of propaganda. It scares kids by telling them repeated lies everywhere they go about a plant. Created by people who know that repeating things over and over to children can mess them up enough in their head to the point that they will believe anything.
An example of a freevibe "personal" and "true" story:
"My name is Alex. I took a hit of a joint and got lung cancer. 5 minutes, later I fucked my sister and got her pregnant even though she's only 2. I used to get a 4.0 but now I can't remember anything or do any kind of school work. I got the munchies so bad that now I'm fat and have tons of acne. The next day I tried another hit because I'm addicted now and then I drove. I hit 420 people and killed 69 cops. Now I'm in prison for life, and all my goals have vanished. Also, weeds a gateway drug so I'm addicted to heroin. Gee willickers, I wish I never smoked that pot! Remember, it's cool to believe everything government sponsored programs tell you!"
by Teelay January 23, 2008

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