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When you have to be drunk ("slammed") in order to engage in sexual activities with another person(s).
1: Yo, you tryin to get with that girl over there?
2: I don't know, man. She's pretty busted.
1: Dude just drink some beers and get your gauge up, you'll be all over that.
2: Yeah, she's definitely a Slamuel Adams chick.
by TeeTay January 16, 2011
When you must be intoxicated to paticipate in sexual activites with another being
Kyle: You tryin to get with that girl over there?
Matt: Fuck no! She's way to fat for me.
Kyle: Drink some Slamuel Fatams and you'll be fuckin fat bitches all night.
Mike: I bet she has alot mad dingleberries mayne
by TeeTay July 22, 2011

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