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A random word with no real meaning. The word's meaning is entirely based on the context it is used in. It can be used in any situation the user wishes, whcih is why this word is so great!
Dave: "Hi Jimmy!"
Jimmy: "Ugnog!"
Dave: "Ugnog!"


Mrs Butterwell: "Oh ugnog!"
Mr Butterwell: "What's wrong dear?"
Mrs Butterwell: "My arm just fell off!"
Mr Butterwell: "Oh, ugnog!"
by TeeO85 January 19, 2009
A extremely annoying person. A person that you would quite happily stab in the face.
Person A: "Chappers, Chappers, Dave, Dave, Chappers, Chappers, Dave, Dave!"
Person B: "You are such a Gaynad!"
by TeeO85 December 11, 2008
To imply that someone is a homosexual in a malicious manner.
"Oh hi Dave, UBEND!"
by TeeO85 December 11, 2008

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