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It informs people you have an erection, and wish for your penis to be sucked.
Hello young lady, would you be as so kind as to SUCK MY DICK?
by TeeHee June 26, 2004
A word invented by great black COMEDIAN, Chris Rock. Used to apply to insurance.
I call "insurance" "incaseshit". As in "incaseshit" happens
by teehee March 02, 2005
slang or synonym for boobs or breasts
wow sara, you have BIG boobers! ::wink::
by teehee October 13, 2004
Huge faggot who has horrible music taste.
Dude, hell no I'm not going to that Simple Plan concert! What do I look like MCHC_Beatdown?
by teehee April 15, 2005
A term used for someone who is awesome in comparison to everyone else.
Oh my god, you're almost as awesome as sp00k!!
by Teehee February 13, 2003
A KS'r is someone with no life who spends most of their days posting meaningless garble in an attempt to look "cool" by having the highest post count. Most KS'rs are perverted and there is a high percentage of people missing the part of their brain that makes you s-m-r-t!!
Look at that nerdy looking guy! He MUST be a KS'r!!!
by teehee February 03, 2005
A deorogotive term for someone who possesses a large forehead
Oh my god, you've got such a spud!! look at it! shiny too!
by Teehee February 13, 2003

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