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2 definitions by Tedsville

The act of going to a theme park of sorts, locating the pizza hut and getting the buffet lunch - attempting to eat as much pizza as possible, no salad allowed. You then, immediatly after consumption of said pizza, ride the largest/scariest rollercoaster in the park. Attempt not to coat everyone within 10 meters with mushrooms, pepperoni and pepsi.
'I went to thorpe park last week with a couple of mates and we took the chunder challenge - needless to say we all lost'
by Tedsville August 29, 2009
To use the Internet for no real purpose other than personal entertainment
Person 1 : "Where's Dave?"
Person 2 : "He's been upstairs superfluous internetting for like 2 hours now - lets try and guess what stupid and pointless facts he's learnt"
by Tedsville May 02, 2010