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The most awesome word creator of all time, he's spits out new words like candy
TeddyBrrr is the creator of half of the words that exist on the streets today, who do you think told soulja boy about the word swagger?
by TeddyBrrr July 01, 2009
A drinking game where all players are dealt a card, and then they put the card on their foreheads without being able to look at it themselves, but with all other players being able to see everyone else's card. Then each player bets a number of drinks that the looser has to drink. Whomever has the lowest card has to drink the number of drinks that the person with the highest card bet. Thus if the lowest card that anyone has is hypothetically a 4, and the highest card is a king, then the person with the 4 has to drink however many drinks the person with the king bet.
Dude lets play Look At The Deuche tonight, we'll get soooo smashed man
by TeddyBrrr July 01, 2009
1. a person who kisses so much ass that he/she literally always has the taste of ass in their mouth.

2. a homosexual who eats ass holes
I hate that stupid queen that's in my sociology class, he's a total butt taster. He's always sucking up to the professor and i think he's fucking him too
by TeddyBrrr July 01, 2009
Anything that restores, or improves pre-existing swag. Something that upgrades ones swag.

Something that cleanses ones swag.
If i don't have no swag polish then how'm i gonna turn my swag on?
by TeddyBrrr July 01, 2009

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