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Trava gamisou re mounodoule.
O Sotirakis einai mounodoulos, dioti oti tou leei h guneka kanei, Sotiraki xoreve kai xopevi o malakas.
In short pussy whiped.
comes from the greek word mouni (pussy) & doulia (work/ slave).
pussy whiped.
gamise ton malaka ton mounodoulo (mounodoulos)
a gamisou re mounodoule.
by Teddy Filipos February 23, 2008
Someone usually a female that has had a great deal of dick.
It also means its something hollow.
a gamisou mori koufala.
po po h (e) koufala zimia pou mas ekane.
by Teddy Filipos February 23, 2008

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