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another word for coincidence.
Man #231: Fancy meeting you here Mr Man #491.
Man #491: Woah, hi Mr Man #231, what a co-inky-dinky.
by ted_wong May 10, 2005
Possibly the best turbo money cam buy.
No, wait, THE best aftermarket turbo money can buy.
It was created after several years of research, design and testing by the Ted Wong Racing team
Bruce: Yeah moite, I just got myself some Twonga XJ20's!
Bruce: Yeah i know! This is gonna be the fastest Excel on the road moite.
Theodore: No doubt, no doubt!
Bruce: Lets get some VB!
by Ted_Wong October 12, 2005
A Racing Team and also the creator of the famous Twonga turbo.
The Ted Wong Racing Team was established in 1998 by Ted Wong and his brother Man Wong.
(Note: Man Wong is only partially cool)
Its GO GO GO at the 2005 Bathurst 1000! The Ted Wong Racing Holden is leading at the first corner!

*several hours pass*

The Ted Wong Racing Team Holden takes the checkered flag here at the 2005 Bathurst 1000 after an amazing race which had the Ted Wong Racing Holden leading by 30 minutes at one point!
by Ted_Wong October 12, 2005

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