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Another name for crop dusting, or farting while walking, deliberately using a path that crosses in front of an unsuspecting victim
Office - "Dude, I just Tron Bike'd that douche in tech support as he was stepping out of his cube"

Bar - "Man, Jeremy! What'd you do, Tron Bike us with that lap around the table before getting the next round?"
#fart #crop dust #drop ass #toot #crop dusting
by TedStriker November 03, 2011
A diet consisting of mostly protien and starches. Meals are usually accompanied by paper plates, plastic cups and utinsils, and sauces of various origins. Most all of these items can be found at Stew Leonards or Kostcos. All items are bought in mass bulk to be distributed to the surrounding Braumann brood.
Steak, potatos, mushrooms, onions, green beans, brisket, tyson chicken wings, newmans own balsamic vinegar, canned chunky soup, ramen, ketchup, salad kits, solo cups. Don Braumann food
#food #people #solo cups #steak #ketchup
by tedstriker June 22, 2013
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