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To make undeniably gangsta, ala fiddy cent...
1)before fiddycenterization: "i had fun last night."

after fiddycenterization: "I got whicked krunk last night up in tha club"

2) To straigten (fiddy) one's hat brim
3) Gettin shot nine times or more and living
by Ted Smith June 28, 2005
Having been characterised as 'gangsta' or 'thug'; an ideology stemming from popular gangster rap artist 50 cent; a term that no white kids knew about before they heard it from 50...
"insert any noun here...(up)in tha club"
"magic stick"
by Ted Smith June 28, 2005
crazy drunk; a fiddycenterism contracted from the words "Krazy" and "Drunk"
"Last night at tha club we was tippin' forties gettin' sooo Krunk!"
by Ted Smith June 25, 2005
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