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A bad thing that continually ressurects itself and cannot be completely killed by conventional means.
Best used to describe a project that is actually somone else's responsibility, however they are not actually doing anything about it, but it directly affects your ability to perform your tasks/job.
Staff: The Voicemail system is dropping calls again.
Boss: I thought the National Communications group was supposed to fix that 2 months ago?
Staff: We ran all the tests they asked for, but it keeps coming back. It's a Nuclear Powerd Zombie .
Boss: I See that.
by Ted S January 05, 2006
The active act of being sarcastic in the present tense as used by my seven year old.
A grammatical error meant to mean the same as 'being sarcastic', but much more entertaining.
Dad's just joking, he's sarcasting.
by Ted S April 04, 2009
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