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A phenomenal professional wrestler, known for his aerial skills and mat wrestling. Sadly he was also a rodent backstage, using his stroke to manipulate the company direction, electing to turn in titles than lose them in the ring and being a general asshole. The Undertaker famously once threatened to beat him at Wrestlemania 14 as Shawn was not prepared to job to Steve Austin at the last minute. Shawn was involved in a memorable rivalry with Bret Hart. Shawn felt that he should be the WWE's top player, and his jealousy of Bret's huge international popularity and (marginally) superior pure wrestling skills drove Bret - a man who has always been said to be a true traditionalist and gentleman among greats like Mick Foley, The Undertaker and Steve Austin - to disliking him. The rivalry ensued until the infamous Montreal Screwjob, where Shawn and Vince McMahon colluded to screw Bret of his World Title. Shawn never had the international impact Bret had, and will forever be in Bret Hart's shadow, in the same way a guy like The Rock will always be in Hogan's shadow - it's the harsh truth. Politics aside, Shawn is, along with Bret Hart, one of the all time WWE greats. Folks should really judge his matches for what they are, not what sort of guy HE is/was.
Shawn Michaels may be an immature jerk, politician and all-round asshole, but he's one heck of a wrestler.
by Ted Levine March 15, 2009

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