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When someone constantly updates their status about everything and anything, most of the time something that should be kept in the dark, for example, fights with their love "I thought you were the one yada yada yada.. " etc, or about how much their life sucks. "I wish that I didn't eat this and that, I'm going to go puke now.."
Basically, it's people who want attention.
For more information, search "Attention Whore".
A: Status whore

B: Random friend
C: The smart person

A: I've been hurt, I don't love you anymore (nag, nag, nag...)
B: Omg, what happened?
A: Well.. *blah blah blah I'm so pitiful, everyone give me your attention*
C: Oh shut the hell up, don't status rape.
by Teci October 26, 2009

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