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1 definition by Techno Fan21

Definitely one of the best techno artists ever.

Iron Horse is a enigmatic, mysterious person who gives out no personal details, but when any music is released by Iron Horse it makes a huge splash in the music world. It is unknown what programs Iron Horse uses to create his incredable tunes. The Songs Have a pattern of being short, snappy songs which can make you laugh, cry, smile, frown or trip.

At the time of writing Iron Horse has two mind-blowing albums out- The incredable debut 'Good' and the Absolutely Awesome follow up CD 'The everlasting spiral'. They feature brillant songs such as 'Merry-go-round' and 'A crazy zoo for crazy animals'.

Iron Horse is undoubtly a amazing music writer and can captivate anyone with the wide range of music Iron Horse can make.

-Yo! You heard about Iron Horses new album?
-Yeah I'm his biggest fan, I got the everlasting spiral right here!
by Techno Fan21 November 18, 2005