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3 definitions by Tebbo

1. Any large gaping hole.
2. Any obscure usually far away place
3. A generic place where things come from.
1. Yea, i'd say that cave is bout' the size of ya momma's asshole.

2. Yo dawg i wanted to pick up that sack, but i had to drive all the way out to ya momma's asshole.

3. Yo san, you goin to that party tonight? They got bitches comin' out ya momma's asshole!
by Tebbo August 20, 2006
16 7
To present something new or old immediately for presentation to the current company.
I got that new video game, nigga.

Word son? Slap it fresh.
by Tebbo February 03, 2010
3 0
1. A derogatory term to describe sex with someone
Yo dog i was one leggin it with this bitch last night out in ya momma's asshole.
by Tebbo August 20, 2006
6 6