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Initially started by a group of wrestlers in Sebastian Florida, Kids Klub! is now an actual group of people who make movies and party. They also love to make fun of outsiders out of entertainment. During their meetings, the words "Kids Klub!" replaces the traditional "Hello".
"Kids Klub!"
by TeamKidsKlub August 15, 2008
One who is into ballbusting. A Kramtoad typically looks up videos about guys getting hit in the nuts. They consider it to be softcore porn. Some of them even get off on other people ramming them in the nuts. A Kramtoad is often described as a slightly overweight male with facial hair who typically has a lot of money. They are creepy people and are shady about their ballbusting pleasures.
"Did you hear about that guy who went to jail for forcing 3 underage girls to hit him in the nuts until he cried?"

"Wow, what a sick Kramtoad..."
by TeamKidsKlub August 15, 2008

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