2 definitions by Team Wiggy

adj; used to describe in an unfriendly manner.

it's like being called a "dick" and an "asshole"
at the same time, only worse because of gay connotations

oo7: how is it??

kz HUGE: duude
kz HUGE: 10 dollar cover
kz HUGE: all you can drink
kz HUGE: aaannd
kz HUGE: fucking
kz HUGE: finals
kz HUGE: for the bikini contest

agentbuddyoo7: you're a dickasshole you know that

^first time ever used.


"Man, Peter was being such a dickasshole last night."
by Team Wiggy May 02, 2008
interjection; exclaimation.
similar to "oops" but....much better.

said in a quieter manner.
"hey, did you remember to pick up your
little sister from school??"

YOU: "....oobies"
by Team Wiggy February 01, 2008

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