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To demean someone sexually (usually via dry-humping) while in the midst of a drunken fit.
Oh man, you just got buchdahlled. I feel sorry for you.
by team penis October 07, 2004
A piece of fecal matter. Excrement. A turd.
The ass cashew gave off a vile stench from the bathroom.
by Team Penis March 16, 2003
- Shortstop for the New York Yankees who wears #2 on his jersey who:
II. Sucks in three very specific ways:
(a) So Hard
(b) So Bad
(c) Wicked Bad
Jeter is a fucking asshat, but then again he is a Yankee so that makes sense.
by Team Penis October 15, 2004
Best Ackrite bitch!
The bitch betta Ackrite or get the fuck out!
by Team Penis March 16, 2003
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