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When a human's girth prohibits them from reaching their butthole using the tried and true "around the back" method, they are instead forced to, first acknowledge their depravity and lack of humanity, second, reach backward between their legs and wipe away the shit using a "hook up" motion, leaving a secret skidmark. a female may experience messiness around the labia, usually leading to yeast infections and herpes. Males get shit all over the rear of their testicles See:Sack-o-berries.
Dude I went down on this fat bitch at the Team Hancock party. And a horrid odor reached my nose long before it hit her clit. I found the source of this to be a Secret Skidmark left behind by a wipe forward. I should have know because she was pushing three hundred, she probally made the switch around 180 so there was a browning of the sknin. I lost all Drive to Dive and left.
WE at Team Hancock believe this is foul act is responsible for the fat people musk......don't tell me you don't know what i'm talkin about
by Team Hancock December 26, 2005
A method of revenge on an enemy in which the perpetrator removes the victim's pillowcase, turns it inside out, and proceeds to clean out his skid marks and dingleberries on said persons pillowcase. the pillowcase is then turned right side out, the pillow is carfully placed inside the pillowcase, and the skid goes "brown down" on the bed.
Chad came to Team Hancock's party wearing a No Fear T-Shirt, so Whit had no choice but to wipe-out a sleepy skidmark.
by Team Hancock December 26, 2005
A trail of smeared shit extending from the anus to the base of one's vagina and or penis. Usually left by a shamefull act know as the wipe forward.
Dude i was at the Team Hancock party and i found another fat bitch. I bent her over Cole's bed and got ready to throw her the spear but, when i leaned in to do her in the brown eye.........my cock was cuaght on a fresh secret skidmark and suddennly i was caught in her nasty fat cunt. I had no hat so i tried to pull out but got cuaght...now a year later she shows up with a little bastard and says its mine! I told her to fuck off and eat the kid.
by Team Hancock December 26, 2005

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