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A Person who searches their name on urban dictionary and posts the definition to their Facebook status update.
Facebook status update:
Wilbur Kookermeyer: According to Urban Dictionary, Wilbur is a really cool surfer dude that surfs, gets all the ladies and makes a lot of money.

Freddy Bootylicker (Wilburs friend) wrote

"Hey Wilbur, you f-n Chilichoker!!! don't you know that urban dictionary is created and edited by internet users? Don't get your head too inflated, You're still a kook!!"
by Team Beaver February 03, 2010
An entry level position in the gay porn industry. The main job responsibilities are insuring the porn stars have fresh water, food and other treats while not on the set. Also,they warm up the male porn stars genitals prior to sending them onto the fluffer for final arousal.
(friend 1)"Hey, I havent seen Patrick in a while, What is he up to lately?"

(friend 2)"Patrick has been busy working at his new job in the porn industry, He's a prebuffer. Isn't that great!"

(Friend 1)"Wow!! at least he's getting paid now"
by Team Beaver December 11, 2007
The waxing and waning of a mans penis in conjunction with a lunar cycle.
The night was pitch black and man presented like an acorn. But on the nights to follow, as the moon waxed, his wolfcock grew into an oak tree that split open my cornhole.
by Team Beaver December 17, 2010

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