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5 definitions by Teal

Several rows of chainmail connected to a handle. Each chain has a row of nine inch nails connected to it used to inflict pain.
" My regulars really enjoy the Q-whip ," said Shannyn, the Dominatrix.

"Bend over Bitch," said the Dominatrix to her client as she repeditively beat her with a Q-whip.
by Teal January 15, 2005
An orgy involving six people a shoehorn and several ducks.
That Quack Attack last night was killer!!!!;
I forgot to bring my whip and shackles to our Quack Attack last night.
by Teal January 15, 2005
Teal is me, of course. It's my name! I don't eat pickles,sing 24/7,or watch Pirates of the Carribean. I am a Tool and Skinny Puppy obcessed Faery lover. however, i don't make any sense and I am amazing.
P.S. My friend Shannyn eats babies!(look her up too!)
"Teal, never share abbed with a badger!"
by Teal January 15, 2005
A super hot guy with a mohawk.The more T's , the hotter.He must also be into guy on guy on girl S and M action.With badgers!.
That guy is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
by Teal January 15, 2005
verb The action of raping a Nun with a can of Axe.
Speaking of your mom, how was that smelly cat
by Teal January 15, 2005