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One among the three East African countries,its capital being NAIROBBERY(due to its ever growing crime rate only rivaled by South Africa),home of the MUNGIKI sect,Moi(see mofo,retard,tyrant,dictator) and their most recent fuck up**drum roll please**...Kibaki(see useless,twat,wanker...)
the people there seem to have this crazy notion that Kenya is the promised land,has the sexiest women in the world,have rivers of milk and honey...they even dare to say they got tigers*lmao* roaming the parks.....these people are just self gloryfying fuckwits,all they know is tusker(beer) and nyama choma(bbq stake's) and dont get me started on their women,one look at the presidents wife(who is more president than wife) and i guarantee you'll yank your eyeballs out of em' sockets!!she looks like a cross between Diana Ross,some soot and an uglier than usual tarsier...most of the women they claim "beautiful" are refugees from Somalia and are usually cheap prostitutes...did i mention the chronic habbit of chewing on gomba...these people are like goats when it comes to gomba even the chief of police chews on some....i personally have tried it and didnt get high or should i say "handas" as its locally called...Kenya is also home to the most swahili challenged people..these people hate swahili with such a passion that they came up with their own version of swahili (mostly jiberish) and called it "sheng".....its also a tribal society,earlier this year..the country went into smthng of a civil or should i say tribal war that led to nearly if not thousands of deaths and more people were displaced just because Raila Odinga(runner up for the presidency) wasnt satisfied with the election results....oh and the bastards once claimed that mount Kilimanjaro was on their side of the boarder...even though it was settled that its part of Tanzania,they still advertise that its in kenya (watch tomb raider 2) which leads to most of the tourists flocking in to get a glimpse of it.......i could go on forever telling you how fucked up Kenya really is..but i got better thngz to do with my time........to all my kenyan buddies out there..its nuthin personal....truth z gotta come out eventually.......if u cant handle it then fuck on outta here!
Cynthia:ey,why dont we go to Kenya for the vacation?
Mathew:why dont you castrate me and gauge out my eyeballs?

Kariuki:i love Kenyaaaaaaa!!
Angry mob:**thud,thud,stomp,sta b,punch,kick in tha face**fuckin retard,halfwit!!
by Tea_bagz June 28, 2008

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