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4 definitions by Tea Oh Em

Term for a cigarette, from the word "glass dick" describing a crack pipe.
Hey, can I get a drag of your paper dick?
by Tea Oh Em June 16, 2009
hi-MIG-itty: Term used to describe a cigarette. Hymig can be used for short.
Time to go to the gas station, I need a pack of hymiggitys.
by Tea Oh Em June 16, 2009
The physical sensation when one is about to yawn, but is cut short before the yawn is completed. This feeling can be likened to the frustration felt by "blue balls" and is usually followed by a second forced yawn.
Boy #1: *opens mouth wide*

Dammit, I didn't actually yawn.

Boy #2: You better yawn now or you'll have a mean case of blue lungs.
by Tea Oh Em August 24, 2009
The act of cupping one's hand around the asshole, with or without pants on. Then farting into the cupped hand, leaving it for a second to gather the gases and finally throwing it into a victim's face.
Boy #1: Dude, I heard you got hot pocketed, are you alright?

Boy #2: Yeah, he got me good, I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.
by Tea Oh Em June 17, 2009