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Used to describe something that's nonsensical or gibberish.
What is this kakamaka? Everything is lost!
by Tea Cake April 21, 2004
A spastic interrogative exclamation usually following complete ineptitude in the field of physics.
What's the field integral of the magnetic flux of the solenoid?

Do you understand this?

by Tea Cake April 22, 2004
An exclamation, without which one may not claim to be a Computer Science teacher.
"What was your most memorable college experience?"

"Aaaeeeehhhhh..... Gurlz!"
by Tea Cake April 22, 2004
A measure of distance similar to a meter, but curled to look like a pube.
Wow... that physics book must be really up to date... it has the conversion factor of 1 pubic cm = 2.12 cm
by Tea Cake April 20, 2004
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