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1. Quite literally, one who fornicates (aka fucks).

2. The technical (old-fashioned) term for one who has sex outside of marriage.
1. There were some fornicators at the McDonald's last night; I caught some of it on my phone. Check it out!

2. In today's world, nobody really cares if you're a fornicator because odds are, so are they.
by Tddlz August 23, 2010
1. Any situation that is made of astonishing fail, to the point that amusement is utterly non-existent.

2. A storm in which the precipitation consists of wet, sloppy cow patties. Usually seen only when a tornado has been in the vicinity of cow pastures.
1. Man, that vacation was a complete bullshit storm! First we got lost and ended up in Big Foot country, then Timmy got eaten by a shark, and we got nailed by a category four hurricane on the way home. Fuck vacation, I'm staying home!

2. Stay inside! Johnson just called and said there was a twister ripping through his cow pastures. There's gonna be a bullshit storm later.
by Tddlz October 24, 2008

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