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A city in Northern Ohio where nothing happens, because 'happenings' are forbidden. Known for its leech-like soul-sucking eudcational board and staff, a massive twin-fest in mid August, and the vast number of pointless buildings in the park central of the city. Also, the cities eudcational system is known for its failtastic abilities in enforcing school policies.
Guy: Hey, you wanna see that new blue cat people movie that just came out? Since there's no theater in Twinsburg, I was thinking of going to Solon or Aurora, where shit happens.

Girl 1 (wearing long skirt): Defiantely! Just let me put on some good clothes after school. I'm a little too dressed up.

(Girl 1 is sent home during school for skimpish clothing)

Guy (to girl 2): Hey, you kinda look like a slut....

Girl 2 (wearing short skirt): Nah, it's the style.

(Educational staff turns cheek to scold a properly dressed girl for innocently, unawaredly wearing a hat)
by TburgAlum April 30, 2010
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