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2 definitions by Tboi93

1. basically a hoe
2. a girl who might be a freak, or freaky
1. she a freak bitch, she fucked my whole neighborhood!

2. boy: you see the way she licking her lips and sucking that lollipop?? she a freak bitch
by Tboi93 March 11, 2009
1. a nasty-ass hoe
2. one that is really freaky, similar to freak bitch; willing to do anything
girl: see, that's Sarah! she the one i was telling you about!

friend: the one who fucked the whole basketball team?

girl: yeah; she a freak jant

boy: you see that girl Takia over there?

friend: yeah what about her?

boy: that's my lil freak jant!

friend: why you say that?

boy: she does the freakiest things; she sucked me with ice!

friend: yeah she is a lil freak jant

by Tboi93 March 11, 2009