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Is when you blow air into someones asshole like blowing up a balloon.
i put my face in this chicks ass and gave her a jersey shore blowfish.
by tbagmartin March 28, 2010
A person who takes a picture of there shit and emails it to someone.
You are one hell of a shitographer, dont ever send me any photos of your shit again or i will do my own shitogrophy and you wont be happy.
by tbagmartin March 23, 2010
when texting a very common text abbreviation "PFIA" means Put Finger In Ass you can add PFIARTF to text means "Put Finger In Ass Repeat Till Faint"
Example text Hey whats up?
Response PFIA
by tbagmartin March 23, 2010
When You open your ass over someones head in a swallowing motion while they are passed out and push there head into your ass.
Cuzan johny passed out so i gave him a Chelsea Clam Shell,when he awoke he was not happy.
by tbagmartin March 28, 2010
When you put a fist in someone's ass and open your hand as wide as possible. This is also known as a "Staten Island tsunami"
I was fisting my girlfriends ass and decided to go for the flumper.
by TbagMartin March 23, 2010
A Happy Disaster is when You take a shit and do not flush. Leaving it for the discovery of a good friend.
I was at my buddys house for some mexican food after I ate I left him with a Happy Disaster.
by Tbagmartin April 15, 2010
Stinky Goggles is when You put your balls in someone's ass then on their eyes
Dude, that chick got the Stinky Goggles last night, her eyes have brown ball marks.
by Tbagmartin April 03, 2010

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