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The ability to turn one into a baby. Is seen in the Mortal Kombat games. The newly transformed baby would be seen in a diaper or/and baby version of their clothes. When this happens in MK2 they play rock a bye baby and the others just a baby cry.
Johnny Cage wins
by Tazz May 04, 2004
When some one referes to themselves as havin a 'fucky-yanny' is usually means they are suffering from a rare female discharge that iches and is oftern smelly!! The word 'fucky-yanny' originates from the work 'yucky-fanny' although this has changed through the years!
"i can't go swimming with you today lisa coz i have a bad case of the old fucky-yanny!"
"ewwww! thats fucking discusting! why the fuck would i wanna know that!"
by Tazz March 01, 2005
ass first ask questions lata
dont fuck up the dance, jus keep on
by Tazz December 18, 2003
Girl who likes sports or maybe just hates those little bitty tight ass clothes or perhaps just a girl that was raised as a redneck
Look at that ...is that a girl?
by tazz September 18, 2003

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