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Term of abuse for dirty working class types Dubliners, favoured by the middle classes who live near the DART line and have never travelled on the Nitelink. A combination of scumbag and knacker.
"I don't want to go to drinking in Ringsend, it's full of schnacks, let's go to Dalkey instead."
by Taz April 13, 2005
it means knickers u fools...eeh i dunno, where u get butt-cheeks from??
kiss ma chuddies man
by taz December 11, 2004
From the medieval battle grounds. Comprises the entaglement of two Bills on the bill-line, and shouted as a warning to others, should the bills flick upward to the face or groin when detatched.
See Bills
by Taz June 02, 2004
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