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Something that is so awesome that you cannot describe it any other way than chief
Or being a social misfit (by doing something stupid) and ironically describing yourself as 'chief'.
Replaces boss or gooch.
Paul: I forgot that it was non-school uniform day and I'm wearing my uniform.
John: No way, dude you're literally getting the piss kicked out of you.
Paul: Nah, i'm just chief.

John: What's chief?
Paul: The more modern way of saying boss or gooch.
John: Oh, chief.
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012
When the woman asks a man to bite her nipples so hard that it bruises for days.
Ingrid: Nip-Clip me you fucker.
Paul: (nip nip nip nip nip)
Ingrid: That's it, you'll bruise me for days.


Paul: So... That was... Interesting.
Ingrid: Yeah when I splurted milk/blood over your face.
Paul: o_o
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012
Going down on an older woman who is ridiculously hairy.
Similar to tasting the fuzzy purse or the bearded beaver.
John: Where were you last night I tried to call you?
Paul: I went down on Rebecca Anderson's mom but it just felt like munching the leather gorilla.
John: Oh yeah I hear it's like a a bearded beaver.
Paul: Nah, bearded beaver is tasty, at least it wasn't a fuzzy purse.
John: Oh man, at least it wasn't a fuzzy pudding purse.
Paul: Yeah, but it stank of asparagus.
John: That tastes chief.
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012

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