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Lauren Conrad is the main charactor on a bullshit "reality" tv show caled the Hills. She used to be fat and ugly, now she is chuuby and ugly. She has "beef curtains" and is a pig nose. Hate her as much as me? Give me a thumbs up!!!!!
Lauren Conrad- I am soooo smart and pretty
Me- No, look at the world around you. You see, i live in L.A. and I practically TRIP over girls better looking then you, thinner, and SMARTER! You are a dumb pathetic excuse for a Californian and i hope your show is cancelled. Its not like it is REAL!
Lauren- .......I like ugly boys!.....Do I smell CHEESE!?!?!?!?
*runs into wall*
Me- ......ah, American youth at its best... *sarcasism*
by Taylor the biggest bitch September 27, 2007

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