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2 definitions by Taylor Roberts

A twenty dollar bill.

First contrived by a man who believed that Jefferson appeared on the twenty. But as we all know Jackson is the president who face dons the twenty. We still use the term today to mock this man.
Man that date was expensive... I almost had to drop an entire Jeffie.

Macdaddies employee: "That'll be $32.09 at the window"
Me: "Damn, that's over two and a half Jeffies."
by Taylor Roberts April 20, 2006
19 8
A non-poo related exclamation of pure joy. Preferably used in the context of pwning a noob. This is equal to or surpasses Huzzah.
I just took out Leeroy Jenkins, FLARGUDEEBRUMP!!!!
by Taylor Roberts January 26, 2006
3 5