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One who is regarded as a special buddy or sidekick. Similar to the relationship a child has with a Furby doll.
Brian is the teacher's Furby.
by Taylor Anderson June 15, 2003
An online spammer.
I hacked into the boards using Adman Rocks
by Taylor Anderson March 21, 2004
1. Owner of SkyHawk Aviary.

2. Creator, Illustator, "Chronicles of Xion"

Other Names: SkyHawk, SkyHawkRider405, SkyHawkRider2004, PsyXCEO
1. The SkyHawk Aviary

2. SkyHawkRider created The Chronicles of Xion.
by Taylor Anderson March 14, 2004
1. A swordsman from Alop who has been chosen to save the universe.

Zargap saved us from the three-headed dragon.
by Taylor Anderson March 14, 2004

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